Frequently Asked Questions

Is there additional parking available?

Yes, you are welcome to park in any of the parking stalls in front of the bay doors facing 134 street.

Is there anything that your shop doesn’t do?

Yes, we do not do any auto body work or paint repair.

Do you have courtesy cars?

We do not have courtesy cars at this time. We do have car rental shops just across the street from us which can be an option. Alternatively for short appointments we do have a comfortable waiting area.

What brand motor oil and oil filters do you guys use?

We use TOTAL motor oil and FRAM oil filters.

Is there any difference between BG 44K and BG CF5 fuel system cleaners?

Yes, the BG 44K is about twice as strong as the BG CF5. Both are excellent products, use the BG 44K for the initial cleaning then use the BG CF5 within every 12,000 km thereafter.