MouseBlocker Pro

Posted in Products on Oct 22, 2018

Rats in Your Engine? The MouseBlocker Pro is the most advanced ultrasonic rodent deterrent available for your vehicle. It’s the ultimate 12V ultrasonic mouse and rodent deterrent with dual strobing LEDs.

  • 12V Powered: Simple 2 wire under the hood installation attaches directly to your vehicles battery. No need to check flashlight batteries to see if they are dead or corroded. Trust your vehicles battery to constantly provide power to the unit and never leaving you vulnerable to rodents.
  • Pro Features: All Aluminum Case to protect our Advanced Microcomputer and dissipate heat
  • Dual Strobing White LED’s added to our Most Powerful Ultrasonic output ever doubling the deterrents
  • Powerful: This specific and NOW ADJUSTABLE (with 3 different levels hitting at 80, 90 or 105db of pressure) Ultrasonic frequency was chosen because it sounds like a Jack Hammer to rodents and now is coupled with our NEW Dual Strobing LED lights. When the unit is placed in the engine area it effectively makes the area uncomfortable for the rodents to nest therefor deterring them from chewing on costly wiring harnesses, fuel lines, hoses and computers.
  • Protects: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, RV’s and tractors or anywhere there is 12V power available



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