BG Power Steering Service

Service Interval: Every 50,000 kilometres

Power steering is a system that is often overlooked in routine maintenance. But, imagine how driving would be without it! Over time, power steering fluid degrades. When this happens, steering is noticeably more difficult.

Fluid contamination is the leading cause of component wear in power steering systems. Debris from component wear becomes suspended in the power steering fluid. As this contaminated fluid is pumped through the power steering system under very high pressure, it causes more abrasive wear in the pump and rack assembly, which leads to pump noise, erratic steering and expensive mechanical failure.

The BG Power Steering Service removes residues from the entire steering system, ensuring smooth, quiet operation while preventing leaks, sticking and damage to parts.


  • Replaces degraded power steering fluid
  • Dissolves power steering deposits
  • Softens and conditions brittle seals
  • Removes accumulated contaminants


  • Eliminated steering squeal
  • Corrected jerky or hard steering
  • Extended component life

See the damage done without maintenance

Grooves are worn into the soft metal of the spool valve housing by hardened seals. Metallic debris from such wear accumulates in the fluid causing premature component failure

BG Quick Clean

A safe and powerful cleaner that removes accumulated residues from the entire power steering system, including pumps, lines, racks and valves. More details

BG Power Clean

A specially formulated power steering fluid utilized in the BG Power Clean contains anti-wear ingredients, antioxidants and seal conditioners. More details

The BG Power Steering Service is backed by the BG Lifetime Protection Plan if the initial service is performed within 120,000 kilometres. To maintain coverage, get a BG Cooling System Service every 50,000 km!