AC Recharge

Air Conditioning AC Recharge

Why is my vehicle's AC blowing warm air?

There’s nothing cool about driving in hot, sweaty summer weather with a broken AC. From a leak to a worn out filter/condenser to loose wires and even excessive heat radiation from the engine — there are a number of reasons your AC isn’t working the way it should.

AC Recharge Service

While a vehicle’s air conditioning system is sealed, leaks can still occur. When that happens, your vehicle needs an AC recharge.

We have all the experience and tools to properly service your vehicle’s AC system. We start by safely evacuating your vehicle’s refrigerant. Then we are able to recharge the system with the exact amount of required new refrigerant, according to the vehicle’s manufacturer. This process can also help to detect if there are any leaks in the system.

We use "Robinair", the leading AC Machine to diagnose and charge AC systems

We use Robinair machines for efficient service and to insure our shop is environmentally friendly. Whether your AC system has a leak, is not blowing air, not cooling properly, blowing cold air from driver side and not passenger, or simply does not turn on we can fix it.

Time for an AC Recharge?

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