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BG Automotive Maintenance Services

At A-Spec Auto Centre, we take your vehicle maintenance seriously, and use the following BG Automotive Maintenance Services to keep your vehicle in tip top shape. These BG Automotive Maintenance Services performed with BG Products ensure your vehicle performs better and lasts longer. 

Extend the life and efficiency of your car

BG Products, Inc., is committed to maintaining vehicles through high quality automotive maintenance services for fuel systems, engines, transmissions, brakes, power steering, cooling, battery, drive line and climate control systems.

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BG Automotive Maintenance Services we offer

We suggest incorporating these services in your maintenance schedule to save on gas, decrease emissions and assist in extending the life of your vehicle.

bg cooling service

BG Cooling System Service

We proudly offer BG Cooling System Service to restore and maintain your vehicle’s cooling system.

We use the BG Cooling System Service to

  • Clean debris from your cooling system
  • Remove rust, scale and sludge from cooling system fins
  • Clean rust from coolant lines
  • Replenish depleted coolant additives
bg engine performance service

BG Engine Oil Service

We proudly offer BG Engine Oil Services to maximize engine life and increase your vehicle’s performance.

We offer the following 4 BG Engine Services

  • Performance Oil
  • Engine Oil Plus
  • Engine Oil
  • GDI Performance
bg fuel air service

BG Fuel/Air Induction Service

We proudly offer the BG Fuel/Air Induction System Service to restore MPG and performance! These services will keep your car running better, longer.

These services perform an outstanding job

  • Cleaning fuel injectors
  • Cleaning throttle body, plenum and air intake
  • Cleaning baked-on carbon from intake valves, ports, piston crowns and combustion chambers
  • Removing deposits from the catalytic converter

You will notice better performance, restored fuel efficiency, restored power and reduced harmful emissions.

bg steering service

BG Power Steering Service

We use BG’s Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service to eliminate steering squeal, correct jerky or hard steering, and to extend the life of your power steering system’s components.

We use BG's Power Steering Service equipment and fluids to

  • Replace degraded power steering fluid
  • Dissolve power steering deposits
  • Soften and condition brittle seals
  • Remove accumulated contaminants
bg transmission service

BG Transmission Service

We proudly offer BG’s Transmission service to protect against and resolve issues related to transmission slipping, hard shifting and chattering.

We use BG’s Transmission Service equipment and fluids to:

  • Dissolve and suspends deposits
  • Rid all old fluid and suspended debris
  • Install new automatic transmission fluid
  • Fortify the new fluid with seal conditioners, oxidation inhibitors and shift improvers
Lifetime BG Products Protection Plan

Lifetime BG Protection Plan

Protect your vehicle... for LIFE!

BG Automotive Maintenance Services are backed by the free Lifetime BG Protection Plan.

The Lifetime BG Protection Plan begins after initial service with BG products and continues as long as necessary service is performed within certain time periods. See Lifetime BG Protection Plan Details

bg on the road roadside assistance

BG on the Road

When you need roadside assistance, we're there.

BG Products also offers a complimentary Roadside Assistance program when qualifying products are installed at A-Spec Auto Centre. When we install BG Products K-6500 (110 & 203) or K-24A (105 & 203) we will activate your roadside assistance card before you leave from your next appointment. The Roadside Assistance Program is effective for 4 months.

Interested in BG Automotive Maintenance Services?

Extend the life and efficiency of your vehicle today and stop by for a service performed with BG Products.

NOTE: If you are interested in using BG Products on your next appointment to start your car’s protection plan, please let us know in advance. When you schedule your next repair/service we may need to preorder some of the products we will need to complete your car.

BG Automotive Maintenance Services FAQ

BG Products is one of the largest chemical and lubricant manufacturers in the United States. They research and produce chemicals and lubricants for protection in engines, automatic and manual transmissions including differentials, power steering, cooling systems and fuel systems.

Seven entrepreneurs, with years of experience in the automotive industry, came together in 1971 to form BG Products. Based on the contributions from people working together in a common goal of selling superior quality automotive products, BG Products came to life.

BG Products manufactures products for use in automotive, industrial, and heavy-equipment applications. The company prides its integrity on the range and quality of its environmentally-protective products. BG Products constantly grows with market advancements and develops innovative, cutting-edge products to suit consumers and their automotive service repair needs. BG Products are well made, durable, built to perform, and available only from trained professionals at approved independent distributors.

You bet! We’re a local family-owned shop, but we use brands that are nationally renowned for superbness and effectiveness. We chose their chemicals and lubricants because of their reputable effectiveness of making great products. We found BG Products to be cost effective and can enhance the longevity of our customers’ vehicles.

The first question to ask is; How many kilometres does my vehicle have?

The BG Protection Plan has two coverage plans:
100% coverage (Plan 1): First BG service before 80,000 km
50% coverage (Plan 2): First BG service between 80,001-120,000 km

The second question you may have is; What does this Protection Plan cover in my mileage schedule?

Plan 1 and Plan 2 cover all essential lubricated systems in your vehicle. In order to put the Protection Plan into effect, simply have us add BG Products to your vehicle on your next service appointment. Detailed information about the BG Protection Plan.

Learn more about the importance of fluid changes.

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