BG Drive Line Service

Prevents lubricant breakdown & protects critical gear components


Your gear oil may be contaminated or break down due to moisture, heat, loads, and extreme pressure. This can lead to worn gears and lubrication failure. Repair or avoid this by coming in to A-Spec Auto for a driveline service.


At A-Spec Auto, our driveline service includes a removal and replacement of old, worn-out lubricant from manual transmissions, transfer cases, transaxles, and front and rear differentials. We then install gear oil or the additive needed for your vehicle.


With a driveline service, you will experience quieter operation of your automobile, including smoother gear shifting and extended component life. This will reduce long run auto maintenance costs due to worn gears.

Service Interval

BG Drive Line Service should be performed every 50,000 km to prevent lubricant breakdown and protect critical gear components.

See the Results

Heavy deposits reduce equipment life.
Drive line service keeps bearings & gears free of deposits.
Lubricant breakdown can severely damage critical gear components.

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