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BG Transmission Service

Smoothes Shifting! Extends Life!

Your transmission may be trying to tell you something.

Like engine oil, transmission fluid needs to be changed. Over time and mileage, your transmission’s fluid begins to wear out. With even more moving parts than your engine, the transmission depends on its fluid to keep it clean, cool and free from harmful deposits.

Worn out fluid causes:

  • Erratic shifting
  • Hesitation
  • Gear noise
bg transmission service
Valve body spool with heavy deposit build-up.

Help is on the way.

The first step is to add a powerful cleaner to loosen sludge and baked-on deposits in each shifting position. It’s important to completely replace all the old, contaminated fluid with new fluid, using BG Transmission Service. A special additive package offers seal protection, better gear lubricity, and sludge inhibitors to keep your transmission shifting like new.

trans spool after
Valve body spool after BG Transmission Service.
worn out oxidized transmission fluid
Worn out, oxidized transmission fluid.
transmission fluid after conventional drain fill service
Sample after conventional "drain and fill" service.
transmission fluid after bg transmission service
Sample after BG Transmission Service.

BG Transmission Service

BG Transmission Service removes harmful deposits from critical transmission components
  1. Uses a safe, effective cleaner to dissolve deposits inside the transmission
  2. Removes old fluid and deposits
  3. Installs new transmission fluid
  4. Installs special conditioners and shift improvers to extend transmission life

All vehicles under 80,000 km qualify for up to $2000 in transmission repair coverage. In order to maintain coverage, get a BG Transmission Service every 50,000 km. See Lifetime BG Protection Plan details.

Lifetime BG Products Protection Plan
bg pf5 transmission exchange system

BG PF5 Power Flush and Fluid Exchange System

The BG PF5 is an alternative to traditional transmission fluid exchange methods. Within a few minutes the PF5 can complete an entire transmission fluid exchange. Other fluid exchange methods such as a pan drop or transmission flush are not as effective when removing old fluid. Any old fluid left behind can contaminate new fluid causing it to brake down quicker.

The simultaneous exchange of fluid does not allow intermixing between new and old fluid. Once the exchange is complete additives such as BG ATC Plus or BG Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid Conditioner can be installed through the PF5 to ensure long fluid life.

Interested in a BG Transmission Service?

BG Transmission Service should be performed every 50,000 km for long, trouble-free transmission life.

For more information, check out the BG Transmission Service at www.bgprod.com

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