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Engine Tune-Up Surrey

car engine tune-up service

We depend a lot on our vehicles; we need to take care of them. An engine tune-up is routine maintenance to keep your vehicle performing correctly. Regular tune-ups can prevent costly problems down the road and extend the life of a vehicle and help ensure your car is operating at its best. 

Car Engine Tune-Up

Every vehicle needs a quality engine tune-up service. No matter if you drive the latest start-stop technology or a classic collector, regularly scheduled engine maintenance is key to helping extend the life of your car or truck, maintain fuel economy and prevent major issues from occurring down the road.


What does a tune-up consist of?

Tune-ups are an important part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance. Lack of attention will inevitably cause a more costly repair bill at the most inconvenient times. Regular tune-ups involve:
  • Visually inspect the engine’s fuel-system components looking to make sure the fuel filter is clean and clog-free, that a clogged filter hasn’t caused any damage to the fuel pump, and that the fuel injectors are free of deposits and other grime.
  • Visually inspect the spark plugs to gauge their age and wear.
  • Check spark plug performance to make sure they are functioning properly.
  • Check and adjust the ignition timing and idle if needed.
  • Check the engine’s PCV valve
  • Check the vehicle’s engine air filter and cabin air filter.
  • Check oil and coolant levels.

Surrey Engine Tune-up

Time for an engine tune-up? Probably.

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