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Oil Change Surrey

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What are the benefits of an oil change?

Regular oil changes are essential to keep your engine clean and properly lubricated, allowing your vehicle to run more efficiently.

Surrey Oil Change

Our oil change packages.

We have several oil change service options to choose from, with the best quality oil specific to your vehicle.


$ 59
  • Includes new filter


High Mileage

$ 69
  • Includes new filter

Full Synthetic

$ 89
  • Includes new filter

* Up to 5 litres of oil and standard oil filter included. Cartridge filter extra. Dexos and other OEM oil specifications available at an additional cost. Valid on most cars and light trucks. Environmental disposal fee and taxes are extra. 

Frequently bought together

Add-on packages.

Visual Brake Inspection


We can make sure that your brakes are functioning normally and diagnosis any issues we find.

Fluid Top Off


Have us check the levels of the important fluids and top them off as needed.

Multi-Point Inspection


Find out if there are any issues with your vehicle that you need to take care of.

Tire Rotation


Have us swap your tires around so that they will wear evenly and last longer.

#1 oil fortifier

Upgrade your oil change with BG MOA and give your oil a boost.

bg advanced formula moa | bg moa

The Advanced Formula MOA is 100% synthetic and will fortify all specifications of gasoline engine oil including API SN Plus, at extended oil drain intervals. This formula is Low Speed Pre-Ignition safe and provides superior protection for turbocharged gasoline direct injection engines. BG MOA is part of the BG Engine Service.

All vehicles under 80,000 km qualify for up to $4000 in engine repair coverage. In order to maintain coverage, get a BG Engine Service every 16,000 km. See Lifetime BG Protection Plan details

Ask us for BG MOA at your next oil change.


Save on your next oil change.

Snag one of these deals and schedule an appointment today!


Due for an oil change?

Come get your oil changed at A-Spec Auto. We can make the process speedy, simple and painless for you!


Frequently asked questions.

As a rule of thumb, your engine oil should be changed at least twice a year or every 5,000 to 7,500 km. These numbers will change depending on your vehicle, how often you drive and the type of oil you use.

Conventional motor oil is derived from petroleum and is typically considered to be less desirable than synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is refined and further processed, eliminating particulates that may live on in conventional oils. It is also more durable, lasting longer and withstanding extreme heat better than conventional oil.

High mileage oil is great for older vehicles that may be struggling but it’s not for everyone. If your vehicle isn’t leaking or burning oil or it uses less than 1 quart per 9,000km than the conditioners in high mileage oil are not warranted and it may not be worth the excess costs. Speak with a representative to learn if it’s worth it for your aging vehicle.

Our shop stocks a variety of oil brands including TOTAL, Quaker State, MOTUL and LIQUIMOLY. Oil is used according to manufacturer’s warranties, for example, anything from mineral oil to fully synthetic oil.

Generally speaking, an oil change takes approximately 30-minutes to an hour with a scheduled appointment.

When you come in for an oil change, we will collect information about your vehicle, the year, make, model, and trim package. This ensures that the correct oil and filter are used for your vehicle. We will access the underside of your engine by putting your vehicle up on a hoist.

The old oil is drained from the oil pan underneath your vehicle and collected for recycling. The oil filter is removed and replaced with a new one and the engine is refilled with fresh oil in the type and viscosity recommended by the manufacturer.

Yes, your vehicle’s warranty is safe with all our automotive maintenance services. See this article for further information: Do you need to service your car at the dealership to keep your warranty valid?

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