Turbo Power Windshield Washer Fluid -35°C

Posted in Products on Oct 22, 2018

Turbo Power Windshield Washer products are specially developed methanol based fluids designed to provide excellent grime, salt and snow cleaning performance under cold weather conditions. A non-smear formulation, this all-season windshield washer fluid protects from freezing down to 40C. In winter, prevents smears on the windshield, instantly cleans even the dirties windshields without leaving oil and other films, allowing good visibility and safe driving. In the warmer months, remove bugs and grime quickly. Packaged in a new easy pour bottle to avoid spillage when filling up your vehicles reservoir.

  • 3.78 L
  • Non-smear formulation
  • Protects from freezing down to -40°C
  • Excellent grime, salt and snow cleaning performance