What is BG Products?

Established in 1971, BG Products is a leading supplier and manufacturer of automotive fuel and oil conditioners, specialty chemicals, greases and is continuously working to improve their products while ensuring they implement measures to protect the environment. Here at A-Spec Auto, we are proud to use BG products and equipment to service and repair your vehicle as we believe BG Products is THE BEST thing we can provide for the cars and trucks in our shop.

BG Products is committed to maintaining vehicles through high-quality automotive maintenance services for fuel systems, engines, transmissions, power steering and cooling systems.

This video shows a short background about BG Products and who they are. You can also contact us to schedule an appointment for one of their valuable services at A-Spec Auto Centre.

Video: BG Products - We are BG

Standing tall on BG’s 40-acre campus at the El Dorado Manufacturing Plant. These tanks hold additives or finished BG Products. Our custom designed plant control system ensures carefully calculated blending and fluid transfer from tanks through to production lines to fill bottles, cans, drums, totes.

For more information, check out BG Products & Services at www.bgprod.com

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