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Wheel Alignment Surrey

Wheel Alignment Surrey Newton | Surrey Wheel Alignment | Wheel Alignment in Surrey Newton

Keeping your tires balanced and properly aligned can give you a smoother ride, improve your fuel efficiency, and extend the life of your tires and drivetrain.

Surrey Wheel Alignment

In the lower mainland, roads and driving conditions are rarely ideal, and nothing illustrates that better than how quickly your tires can become worn. Uneven wear is usually noticeable within the first 2,000 kilometres. 

To avoid this type of wear, your tires should be balanced every 10,000 kilometres. Keeping your tires balanced and properly aligned can give you a smoother ride, improve your fuel efficiency, and extend the life of your tires and drivetrain.

When do I need a wheel alignment?

Alignment is something that might not be familiar to most people, but you can tell whether you need it by knowing what the signs are. The most common signs are listed below, and if you’re experiencing the following symptoms, it might be time to get an alignment check.

Wheel alignment service, also referred to as an alignment service at keeps you rolling straight, ensures you get the most miles out of your tires, and improves the overall safety of your vehicle. Wheels must be lined up correctly to keep suitable control of your car. Wheels that are out of position could cause driving to become difficult in addition to cause uneven ware on the tires. When your wheels are properly lined up, your car will offer a smoother ride. Further, we are one of the few shops in the area that uses the latest Hunter 3D wheel alignment technology to rectify the misaligned wheel angles and guarantee the most accurate and prompt solutions.

Fact is, more than 70% of vehicles tested at our shop are in need of a wheel alignment.

Some tire alignment problems overlap with potential other causes. We can verify whether or not the cause of your problem is related to unaligned wheels. The realignment of your tires and wheels can have great benefits like stopping irregular wear, restoring fuel economy, and restoring the overall performance of your vehicle.

What are the benefits of a wheel alignment?

Properly aligned vehicles ride better, drive better, reduce tire wear, and are significantly safer. When your wheels are properly aligned, your tires will take much longer to wear out and your steering will feel much more responsive. With proper alignment, you’ll notice that you’ll be saving on gas too as this boosts fuel efficiency.

Proper wheel alignment extends tire life, improves fuel efficiency and reduces wear and tear on your vehicle’s steering components. When your tire alignment is off, you can often feel it. Maybe your car pulls to one side of the road or you feel a vibration in your steering wheel.

Why should you get an alignment?

Routine wheel alignment services can resolve these issues, by extending tire life, improving fuel economy, and increasing safety. Every time you purchase a new set of tires, or get tire rotation service, you should have your wheels aligned. We have the latest high-tech equipment, expert technicians, and over 25 years’ experience in offering you unbeatable value and a wheel alignment done right.

Our alignment check includes:

Advanced 3D imaging technology.

We are committed to providing you with the best customer service. That’s why we use the industry-leading alignment technology by Hunter which provides the quickest and most accurate wheel alignment assessment. This advanced 3D imaging technology precisely measures your vehicle’s alignment – computing what is right and wrong – all within a few minutes – that means you spend less time waiting.

It’s recommended that you check your alignment whenever purchasing new tires to ensure you’re on track to get the best tread life from them.

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