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Battery service in Surrey

Your vehicle’s battery is vital to making sure the electrical components work properly

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They say the engine is the heart of the car, but today it’s really the battery.

With a dead battery modern engines won’t even start. That’s why you need to ensure that you have a properly functioning battery. 

Quality battery service

The battery is the heart of your vehicle and at A-Spec Auto we know what it takes to make sure it’s working in great condition. Get all your vehicle’s efficiency back with a cleaned or replaced battery. We work quick and professionally, give us a call or stop in today!

We will keep your battery clean and operating smoothly, and if you need a new one we will find the perfect one for your vehicle. We can take care of every battery issue including:

Battery check

During this service, we will measure the battery output and compare to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Battery maintenance

Our weather can do a number on your battery. To keep it healthy, we will clean the battery terminals and apply anti-corrosion protectant.

Battery replacement

If your battery is dead on arrival, we can remove the old one, properly dispose of it and replace it with a high-quality battery.

Schedule regular battery checks

Avoid getting stranded due to a failed battery by having us check your battery today.

It’s important to check in on your battery’s health regularly. if you just leave the battery to its own devices then it will inevitably run into problems. We’re talking about corrosions and other build up that will destroy your battery over time. Even if you’re not sure if your battery needs service stop by, because chances are it does.

Battery replacement service

Car won’t start? It’s probably the battery. Get it replaced today at A-Spec Auto. We will pick the perfect one for your vehicle and ensure that you have secure connections and a proper installation. Get your vehicle back to the way it was when you bought it with a new battery.

New batteries available

Signs of battery failure

Unfortunately, many battery failures come without a great deal of warning. However, in some cases, you may experience a slow crank or no-crank condition when starting your car. Your vehicle may require a jumpstart, or some components in your car (like your headlights or stereo) may not work properly. Another symptom to watch out for is corrosion on the battery terminals, which is usually a white or greenish buildup.

If your vehicle is displaying any of the signs above, your battery needs to be tested. Also if your vehicle’s battery is dead, or will no longer hold a charge, we can quickly and affordably replace it, and we’ll take care of recycling it, too.

Have a battery issue?

We can take care of every battery issue.

Your questions, answered

Most modern batteries are not serviceable, meaning they are not meant to be opened and filled like the batteries of the past. In fact, lead-acid batteries contain hazardous acids which can burn the skin when contacted.

Having a dead car battery is always frustrating. Having a series of dead batteries is a clear sign that there’s a deeper issue. Some possible reasons for dead battery include a faulty charging system (alternator) or extremes in hot and cold temperatures. Taking your vehicle for frequent short drives can also cause the battery life to diminish considerably.

On average, a vehicle battery will last you anywhere from four to six years. There are several factors that can impact your battery’s lifespan, including the type of vehicle, the weather conditions, and your own driving habits. If your battery goes bad or starts giving you trouble, book an appointment to have it replaced.

If you try to start your engine and you hear a series of rapid clicks, that typically means that the battery is either dead or close to it. If you hear one loud click, that’s more likely the cause of a bad starter. In either case, it’s wise to book a service appointment with to have the problem diagnosed and corrected.


If your lights are turning on, then your car battery probably isn’t dead—but it may be on its way out. If those lights are dimmer than usual, that’s a telltale sign of pending battery failure. And of course, difficulty getting the vehicle to crank or to start points to a looming battery failure, regardless of whether or not the lights still come on

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