Is it time for an oil change?
We can make the process speedy, simple, and painless for you.
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Looking for better gas mileage?
Ask for BG 44K at your next oil change.
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Looking to give your engine a treat?
Ask for BG MOA at your next oil change.
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Is your vehicle pulling to one-side or drifting?
Get an alignment to help improve the life of your tires and get better fuel economy.
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Replaced your cabin air filter lately?
You don't wanna be breathing in this debris, especially if you have allergies or asthma.
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Check engine light on?
Don’t ignore that engine light, let us diagnose the problem.
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Vibrating or grinding brakes?
Don't neglect your brakes, let us inspect them for you.
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Is it time for new tires?
Get the best tires for your ride at A-Spec.
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A/C isn't cooling?
We offer “no sweat” A/C repairs that will get your vehicle's climate back under control.
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Scheduled maintenance due?
We can help keep your vehicle in shape.
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Welcome to A-Spec Auto

Conveniently located at 13412 72 Avenue in Surrey, A-Spec Auto has been proudly serving the community for over 8 years. There are no gimmicks or sales tactics here and you are definitely not a number – you are a guest in our shop. We understand how important vehicles are to our customers and we want what you want – your vehicle repaired properly and efficiently. Our full-service auto maintenance and repair facility acts not only as a garage specializing in imports and domestic vehicles but also as a community stop-in for nearby friends and neighbors. We always look forward to seeing you – whether you’ve brought us a vehicle to fix or not!

Proudly Serving Surrey Since 2012

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BG MOA Engine Oil Supplement

$29.95 CAD

Mouse Blocker Pro

$129.95 CAD

Bosch Direc Connect Wiper Blades

$14.95 CAD

Wiring chewed by rodents?

As the cold weather starts to roll in, the mice typically come with it. Every year these rodents do thousands of dollars worth of damage in cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs and RVs. Red pepper, dryer sheets, moth balls and scent bags may or may not work but one thing they all have in common is eventually they lose their scent so it no longer has any effect on the mice you are trying to keep away.

Our recommendation is the Mouse Blocker Pro, it emits powerful ultrasonic sounds to keep rodents away & best of all, it never expires!

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WeatherTech Premium All-Weather Floorliners

Don’t wait for mice and squirrels to destroy your vehicle or equipment. This small 12V DC powered device is designed to protect vehicles from costly repairs. The Mouse Blocker Pro emits a powerful ultrasonic sound deterrent making the area uncomfortable for mice to nest.

Ultimate 12V Ultrasonic Mouse and Rodent Deterrent with Dual Strobing LEDs for your Vehicley​

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