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Mouse Blocker Pro

The Answer to Rodent Problems


Mouse Blocker Pro

The most powerful rodent deterrent available on the market today. With three user-selectable ultrasonic sound settings, from 85, 95 or 115 decibels of output, makes it 300 times more powerful than any other unit on the market. 

In addition to the adjustable sound output, the two equipped bright white strobing LED lights act as an added deterrent . The rodents see this as movement and think a predator is in the area they are in. 

  • Protects: Cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s and tractors
  • Selectable output of 85, 95 or 115 dB of power
  • Dual strobing white LEDs that act as an added deterrent
  • Low-voltage shut off

CTV News Story

'They love it': Why chewing rodents are costing car-owners big bucks

What’s small and furry and can cause hundreds of dollars of damage to your vehicle?

CTV’s Ross McLaughlin finds out why eco-friendly wiring insulation is enticing rodents into cars.

Features & Benefits

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Simple 2-Wire Hookup

Simply hook the Mouse Blocker Pro directly to your vehicles battery.

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Selectable Sound Output

Selectable output of 85, 95 or 115 dB of power.

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Strobbing LED Lights

As an added deterrent, the  bright strobing LED lights.

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Aluminum Housing

Extruded aluminum alloy case to withstand the harsh underhood environment.

Get the Mouse Blocker Pro installed for just $199

For more information, check out the Mouse Blocker Pro at www.mouseblocker.com.

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