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Power steering repair

Power steering repair & maintenance in Surrey

Buildup in old power steering fluid can cause stiff steering, squealing, fluid leaks and eventual system failure. A power steering flush removes all the old contaminated fluid from the system and clears out any accumulated grime and debris. It helps to achieve optimal steering performance by cleaning away damaging deposits with specially formulated detergents.

We recommend a power steering fluid flush once every 50,000 kilometers to remove contaminants and help:

  • Extend the life of your vehicle’s power steering components
  • Improve steering efficiency and performance
  • Prevent future leaks and costly future repairs

Symptoms of failing power steering

It's time to check your power steering.

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Surrey's power steering Experts

At A-Spec Auto, we understand power steering and how to keep it working properly. There are two major types of power assisted steering systems: hydraulic and electric.

In a hydraulic system, the power steering pump sends power steering fluid to the rack and pinion steering gear as you turn your steering wheel. In the steering gear, this fluid applies the pressure needed to turn the wheels. This makes it easy for you to turn the steering wheel and control your vehicle. In an electric system, sensors read the steering column as you turn the steering wheel and relay this to a computer that applies torque generated by the engine to generate the necessary force to assist your steering.

You’ll know right away if something is wrong. When the power steering pump or electric steering system fails, the system can’t send fluid to the steering gear or properly redirect motor torque, and your steering will be unassisted. Driving your car with unassisted steering is not only a hassle, but is unsafe. This a serious problem you need to take care of right away, and we are here to help.

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