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BG Platinum 44K

Cleans the entire fuel system and restores fuel economy!

The can. The myth. The legend in the making.

The new BG Platinum 44K is even more powerful. And now, it’s better than ever and part of the new BG Platinum Fuel System Service!

BG Platinum 44K fuel system cleaner, added to the gasoline tank, quickly and effectively cleans the entire fuel system, including fuel injectors, intake valves, ports, and combustion chambers. 

Because it provides efficient removal of upper engine deposits, BG Platinum 44K reduces problems caused by deposit build-up such as engine surge, stalling, stumble, hesitation and power loss. It is an excellent aid to the technician in tuning an engine since BG Platinum 44K quickly restores engine performance and improves drivability. 

BG Platinum 44K will provide quick clean-up of coked fuel injectors and corrosive deposits on the Fuel Sending Unit. It is compatible with all fuel system materials, alcohol-blended fuels additives. Contains no alcohol. Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe.

BG Platinum 44K is part of the BG Engine Performance service. and the BG Platinum Fuel System service.

Just one can of BG Platinum 44K in your fuel tank can boost your car’s performance, but for a more thorough fuel system service, get a BG Platinum Fuel System Service.

bg 44k platinum

Looking for better gas mileage?

Ask us about BG 44K at your next oil change.

For more information check out BG 44K at www.bgprod.com

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