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Bosch DirectConnect Wiper Blades

Bosch DirectConnect.

Bosch DirectConnect Wiper Blades

Squeaking or chattering wiper blades can become a real annoyance and create visibility hazards. Why endanger yourself and other road users by trying to drive with worn wiper blades? Install new Bosch wiper blades and drive safely through the blinding rain and snow. 

Bosch DirectConnect is designed for dependable wiping performance: every blade incorporates dual steel tension springs and a precision cut natural rubber element that ensures excellent wiping performance and clear view. The graphite-treating wiping edge ensures almost noiseless operation, while the aerodynamic all-steel frame maintains superior blade contact at all speeds. The exclusive DirectConnect one-step system makes for quick and easy installation.

Bosch, a premier global supplier of services and technology, is a privately held company headquartered in Germany. Its operations have been divided into four main business sectors that include automotive technology, industrial technology, energy and building technology, and consumer goods. Bosch products and services are designed to fascinate and improve the quality of life by offering innovative and beneficial solutions. The company offers technology worldwide that is Invented for Life. For more information, please visit boschautoparts.com

Precision-cut natural wiping edge for a clean wipe.

Bosch DirectConnect wiper blades are designed for clean and quiet dependable performance. These high-quality blades feature an aerodynamic, all-steel frame that fights blade lift-off at highway speeds.

Their precision-cut, graphite-treated, natural rubber wiping edge grabs the tiniest droplets of water and whisks them away for a clear view and additional safety. That means premium wiping performance and a clear view.

Every blade incorporates dual-steel tension springs to reduce friction and noise. These excellent wipers install with the DirectConnect installation system, a quick and easy one-step system with no adapters required.

bosch directconnect wiper blades

Key features.

  • Aerodynamic all-steel frame construction helps fight blade lift-off at highway speeds
  • Precision cut natural rubber wiping removes the smallest droplets for a clear view and added safety
  • Graphite-treated wiping edge reduces friction and noise
  • Dual steel tension springs supports the wiping edge for a consistent clean wipe
  • Exclusive zinc dichromate primer for superior corrosion resistance
  • DirectConnect installation system for one-step installation with no adapters
  • Wiper Blade Design: All-season

Available sizes: 15″ to 28″ length (Pack of 1)

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Time for new wiper blades?

To maintain a high level of safety in adverse driving conditions, regularly test and change your wiper blades. Ask us to replace your windshield wipers during your next appointment.

Wiper Blades FAQ

Frequently asked questions.

Wipers should be changed when they no longer perform as expected, or no longer provide a high enough level of safety. The recommended replacement interval for preventative maintenance is every 6 months.

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